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How can a light bulb use less than 7.5-Watts of power but put out more light than a 60-Watt bulb?

GeoBulb™ Engineers

We've been obsessed with the wonder of LED lights ever since we first put white LEDs into a flashlight instead of an incandescent bulb. That was over ten years ago, and since then we've tested and experimented with LEDs and kept abreast of the technology.

When we introduced our first line of LED Light Bulbs, the Vivid Series, just a couple years ago, suddenly there was an alternative way to light our homes and workplaces that didn't require fragile filament-type bulbs or compact fluorescents. While the Vivid Series is suited for low lighting applications – as in task lights or reading lamps – our newest line of LED Light Bulbs, the GeoBulb ™, is in another category all together.

The GeoBulb ™ brings LED light bulbs up to the brightness of incandescent bulbs, but still maintains the qualities that make LEDs exceptional: with an expected life of 30,000 hours, use a fraction of the power of incandescent bulbs, generate much less heat and aren't susceptible to the problems associated with vibration or repeated on/off switching. Part of our durability tests was to turn GeoBulbs on and off 1 million times.

One of the obstacles to producing a long-lasting, bright LED Light Bulb was that the components in an LED bulb would often fail before the LEDs. C. Crane's Ralph Guest and Jarl Johansen worked together with our dedicated partners to overcome this obstacle, and their solution makes it possible for us to offer an unprecedented three-year warranty on every GeoBulb ™ branded LED light bulb. This warranty is valid when used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for three consecutive years. The GeoBulbs ™ use our new Premium Quality-High Brightness (PQ-HB) LED bulbs.

How did a small company like C. Crane develop the GeoBulb ™?

Like all great products I have ever seen, it comes down to a few good people with a great vision. In this case the vision is to reduce energy use worldwide by 10%. Ralph Guest is the leader of this group. I have had the pleasure to work with him for about 25 years. He has the remarkable quality of taking a step forward or if necessary sideways until he can go forward and make real progress under the most difficult circumstances and with a sense of humor. Jarl Johansen is his right hand man who was responsible for starting the complex circuit design. A veteran electronic expert Ted Nelson joined Jarl about a year ago to confirm and fine tune Jarl's findings. Both are now starting long term tests to take the technology further than anyone dreamed.

The current price of the GeoBulb™ is high but you should remember that so were cell phones, computers and the first ballpoint pens. As production of the GeoBulb ramps up, prices should come down.

The President and crew of C. Crane salute the accomplishment of the GeoBulb™ team.

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