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What colors are available?

The GeoBulb™ comes in Cool White, Soft White and Warm White. Cool White is 5,223 Kelvin and has a slight blue tint but is close to actual sunlight. Soft White is 3,812 Kelvin and a modern color blend between Cool and Warm. Warm White is 2,642 Kelvin and close to a tradition incandescent color.

What color is best for my application?

Cool White is the most energy efficient and puts out the most light for work areas. Soft White is a compromise for maximum light output while having a pleasant color for general work or most home lighting. Warm White is for ambiance such as a restaurant or home lighting. All GeoBulbs™ consume 7.5 Watts but light output is reduced for on Soft White and Warm White colors.

How was the GeoBulb™ designed to be used?

The GeoBulb™ is designed to be used indoors at an ambient temperature that does not exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. A ceiling downlilght fixture is an excellent application for the GeoBulb™. It also works well for desk lamps or floor lamps.

How long will the GeoBulb™ last?

The GeoBulb™ is designed to last 30,000 hours. This is three years at 24/7 or 20 years of use at an average of 4 hours day.

Will a GeoBulb™ work with a dimmer switch?

No, not this current model.

GeoBulb™ Updates
  • Dec 15th, 2008

    GeoBulb II™ in full production

  • Dec 9th, 2008

    GeoBulb II™ passes UL certification

  • Aug 12th, 2008

    An independent lab reports the GeoBulb has passed FCC regulations for conductive emissions.